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Chapter 1 Page 9

Tish says

secret eating I mean look. It’s the last page with any old art.

Unfortunately, boring lifey things and a need to rebuild the comic’s buffer means there will be no MO update next week. Updates will resume 09 June (two weeks from today!).

We would love a guest strip to put here next week. I’m not actually expecting that to happen, I mean, who expects that kind of thing, but it would be really appreciated.

(hit me up at my tumblr if you’re interested! We’d be oh-so-grateful.)

I was very hesitant to take a week off because I don’t want people to think the comic fell through the cracks, but rebuilding the buffer is much better for the long-term outlook of this comic.


Leah says

If MO fell through the cracks again, there would be two cats and a sad dog by a dead body right now. I’m so confident in my ability to take Tish’s life and leave no evidence tying me to the ‘crime’, that I’m establishing motive publicly.  Am I serious? Who knows.

By the by, I have the summer off after taking a fantastic year of Physics. I’m writing a lot but mostly exactly what you’d expect me to write: murder and blowjobs.

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