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Chapter 2 Page 5

Tish says

I’m so tired.

Leah says

Doc V says

New advert network is joined as of today. Exciting stuff.
“What’s next for M.O, website-wise,” you ask, inching toward the edge of your seat?

Well, I’ll answer that as indirectly as possible. Did you know that chapter one, pages one and two were originally very different than they are now?
At that time, Tish was still writing the comic but due to some prior commitments she was not able to handle the art. As “misc.” is my place on this team it falls to me to pick up whatever slack there may be – which means at the very beginning it was I, docvalentine, doing the art.
Here’s a taste of what might have been:

of course none of that is true or canon but it dovetails into the actual thesis in a second ok

Over the years we have collected a fair number of contributions, similar maybe in spirit to the one above.
Coming soon, we will be posting from our collection of user-contributed and commissioned remixes and other works.

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