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Chapter 3 Page 1

Tish says

Well, here we are. Chapter 3 lives.

It’s been quite a. Two and a half months, I believe? Longer than I’d like. Too long.

I have a day job. I spend 20-25 hours a week working for a small business. I don’t know what exactly did it, but somehow I’ve managed to screw up the nerve in my left thumb. That’s the business thumb. I took a step back from MO (and drawing in general) for a bit to see if drawing was causing the problem – and it wasn’t. My thumb actually got worse during the break.

That, combined with the fact that I’ve been too afraid to step full-time into comics, are why I’m leaving my day job and doing just that – going full time with MO. I have that opportunity, and the only thing stopping me has been fear.

MO is a time and effort-intensive comic. This is probably apparent to you. Pages take from 15-25 hours to complete. That time doesn’t include what I spend worldbuilding, brainstorming with Leah, or scripting. It doesn’t include time spent trying to work on the website, or promoting the comic. Instead of doing five or so hours a day every weekday, I tend to cram most of the actual page-making into the weekend. This is both suboptimal and unsustainable. Instead of missing updates, I could be bringing you two updates a week. I can’t just jump to that immediately, but that’s the goal. I need your help getting there. At the end of January, I’ll finally be launching my Patreon.

Here’s a quick run-down of MO’s near future:

  • Improve the landing page and archive.
  • I will be leaving my day job in the next 2-3 months. It’s a small business, and I feel like it would be cruel to jump ship during the busy season.
  • Launch Patreon.

To keep up with our progress, check out my Twitter.

Leah says

Someone pay for my MCAT Kaplan course and then maybe I’ll consider writing more scripts.

Doc V says

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