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Chapter 2 Page 23

Tish says

I look forward to drawing Allan smiling in this comic.

Leah says

Doc V says

comments on Chapter 2 Page 23
  • Yes says:

    Allan is actually pretty interesting; I’m really loving the sibling relationship for some reason.

  • Tampashrew says:

    Really loving the contrast between characters here. Allan is the smaller, more formal, more punctual type while Steve is the bigger, more laid back kind of guy.

  • Quetzalrofl says:

    This comic is ultimately gonna make us feel like real assholes for cracking jokes about Bob’s social ineptitude, isn’t it?
    “I get it, okay? I’ll never be like you, or like granddad!”
    “No, Bob. No. I’m disappointed…”
    (closeup on Bob’s reaction to his father’s words)
    “…that you tried.”
    (closeup of Bob’s eyes starting to well up)
    (emotionally charged rendition of Hans Zimmer’s Time as Steven Lee Crossroads XXXIX closes his eyes for the last time)

  • Mims says:

    Am I the only one who thinks Allan looks like the villain from Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark

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