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Chapter 2 Page 18

Tish says

Put on the brakes. Step off the ride.

Leah says

Doc V says


comments on Chapter 2 Page 18
  • Anleesteven says:

    why do i feel this made it worse

  • Quetzalrofl says:

    Where did this burning desire to repeatedly kick Bob in the groin come from?

  • Jim says:

    That smug Bob in panel 1. “Why am I here” will probably be the words engraved on his tombstone after his inevitable murder/death by revolutionary firing squad.

  • Brunt says:

    Bob ran this exchange so far into the ground that at this point it’s hard to tell if this is your garden-variety conversational-self-immolation or if he’s actually managed to reach the Earth’s mantle. For everyone’s sake I hope the Crossroads’ formalwear is flame-retardant.

    I’m not sure how much of this has to do with schadenfreude, but this has quickly become one of my favorite comics. The writing and art together construct some sort of dynamo that turns Bob’s words directly into a visceral sense of secondhand embarrassment. Thank you.

  • Omar says:

    How I felt reading this page today

  • c.brai says:

    Okay, never mind. Mercy has lost any relevance.
    Bob appears to be capable of pursuing a (bad) debate-club line of response, while having a completely mortified train of thought. If he isn’t outright wired to do so. It really is a kind of impressive.
    Also impressive: how poor a choice it is. Especially for someone who appears to be so concerned with appearance and diplomacy. Can’t wait to see how it all gets turned around (say about 360 degrees) next time!

  • a'non says:

    Wait, am i not supposed to agree with Bob on this one?

    • Tish says:

      I’m not here to tell you how to feel about Bob :0

    • Rina says:

      He made an ignorant remark about an aspect of her culture and when he got called out for it, he tries to invalidate her anger.
      It’s wrong.
      People who don’t see that what he did was wrong are the type of people who have no culture, are ignorant, or insensitive.
      And who goes around making creepy comments to girls when you’re already married?
      He’s a train wreck and the person that I feel bad for is Josephine.

      • a'non says:

        “People who don’t see that what he did was wrong are the type of people who have no culture, are ignorant, or insensitive.”

        Nailed it on all three points! I’m definitely all of those things, but this isn’t the appropriate place to argue about this. Thank you for replying, while I don’t agree with your stance, you helped me understand Josephine’s side of the arguement, and the mindset of the other commenters.

        • Meran says:

          I think both of these youngsters aren’t trained well enough to be left alone to speak in public 😏 She takes offense too quickly, he’s a bumbler.

  • jobpr says:

    bob is out of usable pkmn

    bob whited out

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