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Chapter 2 Page 17

Tish says

The ongoing dialogue about Bob’s actions in this scene is nice to see. I like that.

Leah says

Doc V says

comments on Chapter 2 Page 17
  • Quetzalrofl says:

    RIP in pieces Bob 🙁

  • joobr says:

    it hurts oh my god

  • Rongeur says:

    I’m thinking that next week, instead of checking here for an update, I should just slam my hand in a kitchen drawer a few times. Same pain at a fraction of the data use.

  • Brunt says:

    I keep coming back each week to see how far Bob can stick his foot into his own mouth, thinking each time “there is no possible way this situation can become worse,” but I am always wrong, as Bob’s mouth is a vast and unending repository for a nearly infinite number of feet.

  • c.brai says:

    Have mercy, he’s just a poor culturally-challenged crown idiot

  • Meran says:

    Hm. Yes, he’s a dweeb… but ~she isn’t acting very diplomatic at all! They had been standing there with no other guesses, and ~he at least is trying to make small talk…

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