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Tish says

Look, it’s my first page of full-time MO work. I went to Staple in Austin, Texas last week – inconvenient timing, mind you, but I met a lot of cool people, including childhood hero Mark Kistler. I’ve also been commissioned by well-loved sex positive smut outlet Slipshine for a 15 page short :0 If you’re interested in that, follow my twitter @heysawbones to keep tabs on concept art and other extras.

You may have noticed that there’s a link to an email list on our page now! If you don’t use RSS feeds or don’t follow twitter/tumblr, that mailing list is a fantastic way to keep up with MO updates (though, ideally, they’re Mondays. I understand that hasn’t been the case recently, but up until two weeks ago, I was working online retail!)

Patreon news: I’ve recently written a script for the demo episode of the podcast (?!) that serves as a patreon reward tier. The demo will be free, just so people know what they’re getting. I’ll also keep everyone up to date on that, in addition to making sure you know when the Patreon launches.

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