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Tish says

I’ve been waiting a while to share this – it’s MO’s first guest cover. I’ve really wanted to get my favorite artists to do MO covers! It’s a great opportunity for me to see how people I admire interpret the material. It’s fitting that Jon Cairns is the first person other than me to do one of these. I trust his guidance on comics – and, well, honestly, on most things – very, very much. He’s one of those people who’s always thinking. I respect that. I respect him.

Jon seems to have his hands in numerous pies, but have you read Alpha Flag yet? It’s one of the first webcomics I’d seen doing unique things with abstraction and design elements, while retaining strong draftsmanship. I love recommending it to people who’d like a little visual sophistication in their webcomic repertoire.

Thanks, man. This is the dream.

Leah says

Doc V says

comment on Chapter 3: National Anthem
  • Andy says:

    Hi Tish,
    Checked out the comic you were working on after meeting you at a coffee shop. Really nice artwork, well done in my opinion. Neat, thanks for telling me about it.


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