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Chapter 1 Page 26

Tish says

This is the end of Chapter One! If you’d like to start at the beginning, go here.

Three years ago, I didn’t make it this far. The most important thing I’ve learned so far, is to keep getting back up when you fall.

Many thanks to: Doc, Pepper, Amy, Dirk, Ann, Emily, Kelly, Brett, Joobr, Polks, Tasha, Zach and Zack, Bro, Calm, Omar, Slimm, Eny, Alex and Alex, Greg, ipgd, Sam, Chaz, Jon, my battle, and, though I am doubtful that he will ever see this, Dr. R.

Leah, thanks for _____. You know. Everything.

Leah says

*throws Organic Chemistry textbook at your fat face*

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