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Chapter 2 Page 28

Tish says

That sure is the end of chapter 2.

Boy howdy. I want to be all like “wow, I got 50-something pages in, when last time I only made it 8!” but I’m real tired because comics tire you out. I traveled to LA, page is a few days late. That kind of thing. Hoping to get the schedule a little more solid next chapter.

There will be a 3-week minimum break between the end of chapter 2 (now) and the beginning of chapter 3.  Expect the beginning of chapter 3 on November 23rd at the earliest, but stick around! I hear guest strips are in the works, and you know those’ve been great so far.

Leah says

Doc V says

comments on Chapter 2 Page 28
  • Jim says:

    I had a feeling this was coming, but I still feel terrible for Bob.

  • harry says:

    Why is there a keycard secured bedroom? Do they live in a dormitory? Is Emporer Einhardt one of those helicopter parents that borrows the ID card to get into student’s rooms and check in? Did they hold the interplanet gala in the ballroom of Philip’s student housing? Is Modus Operandi a surreptitious social commentary on college becoming more expensive than home mortgages?

    • Tish says:

      The reality is less exciting than your speculation, unfortunately: the room they are in, as well as all the rooms near the ballroom, are for guests – and in a comparatively unsecured area, they are given the courtesy of locks. Allan has a master keycard. None of this information is important.

  • hellsheep says:

    I knew it but still hoped it would’ve been Bob or at least someone else and not Flip but… well…

    • Tish says:

      There’s no accounting for taste. Or boredom.

      • hellsheep says:

        Oh and over the shock I totally forgot to say how much i love your comic. Keep up the good work. Showed it to my boyfriend and while he was reading all the pages I could hear him saying “Poor Bob D:” at least 10 times 😀
        Modus Operandi could also be named “How to fuck with miserable Bob”.

  • Tampashrew says:

    In the last panel, he looks like he’s about to go full Cyclops on him and just vaporize him.

  • aber says:

    Why didn’t he knock? Wouldn’t an emperor have more important things to do than personally try and catch his nephew having sex in the coatroom… if he did have a history of being really overbearing then you’d think his own son would know better than to have sex in a room so unsoundproofed that you can hear them from down the hallway…

  • VQ says:

    I like how those two go from lackadaisical, overconfident cynics the last time we saw them to looking SO pathetic in panel 3.

    Oh well, serves them right. Allan too. Dude shouldn’t be such a creeper.

  • JakeyBakey says:

    never saw it cumming

  • RykeDaxter says:

    I am completely in love with that aristocratic sneer.

  • izzy says:

    I should probably stop checking back in every day, hoping for a new page, shouldn’t I? But I’m so excited for the new chapter!
    Anyway, hope everybody had wonderful holidays! Enjoy the new year!

  • Seiluna says:

    As a first time reader, I gotta say I love this comic!

    Also, I saw this coming back at the chocolate covered strawberry scene. You don’t tend to slowly eat phallic foods (especially messily) in front of a person with a phallus unless you’re at least kind of interested in said person and their phallus.

    Maybe that’s just me though. When pursued by someone I’m not interested in I’ve been known to pass on certain foods around them just so I can’t accidently send sexy messages like a heartbroken drunk with a well charged cell phone.

    • Tish says:


      Bananas are great, too, but sometimes people leer when you didn’t even KNOW they were interested. I guess there has to be some downside to The Best Fruit.

      PS, thank you for reading. I hope it continues to pique your interest.

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